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Will React Preview work with my project?#

If you use React 16 or later, you should be fine.

React Preview works better if you use TypeScript or PropTypes. This will enable it to auto-generate props for you.

How is React Preview different from Storybook?#

Storybook is an amazing tool to document React components. We highly recommend writing component stories with Storybook, especially if you work in a team of engineers. Kudos to the Storybook team for building such a great piece of software ❤️

React Preview serves a different use case. It's best used to quickly visualise a component without having to write any boilerplate code. It's also much faster, for a variety of technical reasons.

React Preview supports previewing Storybook stories too, so you may not need to spin up Storybook anymore!

As React Preview evolves, we intend to add more Storybook-related features, such as auto-generating new stories with a single click.

Will my CSS work?#

React Preview can handle CSS-in-JS libraries such as Styled Components and Emotion. It also supports CSS imports, including CSS Modules. You can also use SASS or LESS.

If your specific use case doesn't work, we'd appreciate if you could file an issue.

How does React Preview work?#

While we won't give away the secret recipe, we can give you the ingredients: